About Andrew Kirby Architects (AK.A)

Andrew Kirby Architects (AK.A) is an RIBA Chartered Architects Practice in Totnes, Devon. Established in 2005, we are a practice that believes and specialises in delivering high quality Social Impact and Environmental Design solutions for Communities, Social Enterprises, Institutions and Private Clients.

In our work and service to our valued clients, AK.A has consistently delivered projects using leading Sustainable and Ecological Design expertise, balanced with meaningful and notable contemporary design of spaces, appearance and place making.

We offer a full range of Architects Services covering Housing, Education, Leisure and Conservation sectors on project sizes ranging from small ‘one off’ eco projects, to masterplanning large sites.

However, we are most recognized for the valuable expertise we have gained in working with Local Communities to deliver innovative, sustainable and affordable ‘Social Impact’ Housing and Mixed Use projects.

AK.A are also noted for designing and managing ‘one off’ private residential homes with very high design standards, which meet exemplar sustainable credentials in challenging planning locations.

We are Certified Passivhaus Designers, which can be adapted to all sectors and sizes of project.

We give a very friendly and professional service, to understand the clients’ requirements, project context, and deliver creative design solutions that are of minimal environmental impact, cost effective, and imaginative.

Andrew Kirby

Founder and Director

“I studied architecture in Hull and Newcastle Australia, where I developed my knowledge and passion for sustainable design and building technology. My post graduate thesis was one of the early papers on the principle and importance of sustainable development two decades before the Climate Crisis was announced. I have been driving towards sustainability my whole academic and working life.”

“My belief is that sustainability in the built environment is not just about insulation and renewable technologies, but about how buildings and places connect people and communities to the natural environment, to help them be inspired and informed about the importance of protecting and enhancing the natural environment for our communal wellbeing. To achieve this, there must be balance between architecture and nature”

“Also as a passionate surfer and long distance open water swimmer, I have a deep connection to the sea and the natural world, where being out in the elements is continual inspiration for working towards a greener future. I am also a husband and father of two girls, who remind me every day that our responsibility is to protect their future, so every day at work, should represent a step closer to creating the tools for a sustainable future.”

“To demonstrate and live up to my own values and commitment, we self built our own passivhaus in Totnes and we grow much our own food. Our house does not need heating and we like to remind ourselves every day that we already know how to build for the future, we just need to be active in doing it.”

Greg Wotton

Architectural Assistant

Greg started with AK Architects in 2018. Despite being a distinction graduate and Bronze medal nominee from Plymouth School of Architecture, Greg stood out due to his passion and commitment for community development.

Greg has worked consistently on Community Schemes for the practice and has built up his experience in this sector very quickly and thoroughly. Greg is now a board member for Plymouth Energy Community (PEC) homes and is working in the community to pass on his experience and help Plymouth community take ownership of their own homes.

He continues to develop his technical skills and procurement knowledge in the office and deliver creative designs and visualisations to our clients and communities.